How to Leverage Construction on Social Networks

As a construction contractor, you need to know how to market your business. Social media marketing is no longer considered an “added bonus” to your marketing program. You need to know how to leverage it effectively.

Some companies make the error of jumping on too many social media platforms, too fast and not being able to keep up. It’s better to devote your resources to a few select sites where your target audience is most active.

While there is no “silver bullet” for social media success, here are a few sites that could make a difference for your construction business’ marketing.


Facebook has mass appeal because it’s the largest social media network. While many sites have tried to oust it from the top spot, no site has been able to match its success. Yet. Many people use this strictly for personal use, so make your brand personable.

Engage in a conversation with your audience. Don’t just post about your company and current projects. Sprinkle that information in between fun posts and news articles that are relevant to your followers. Pay attend to what’s going on locally and post about those events too.


LinkedIn is the “go-to” social media site for business professionals. LinkedIn has three types of pages: individual, company and group. Signing up as an individual creates a virtual resume of your credentials. Other users can endorse you or write recommendations for you.

As a business, you can create a company page to highlight your mission and initiatives. You can post any company news that would be useful for your clients and employees. Lastly, groups are for people with similar business interests or in related fields. There may be a carpentry group you would want to participate in for updates on innovation in the field. Additionally, there may be a management group that talks about the best tips for managing employees.

It will benefit you to have a company page because you can interact with potential clients and craftsmen. Just remember, this is a professional site. While it is acceptable on Facebook to post a funny cat photo every now and again, this is not proper procedure on LinkedIn.


People spend hours watching YouTube videos. This is where you can let your creativity shine. Make demonstration videos to highlight craftsmen efforts, and educate clients on what you do for them.

Time lapse videos are another way to show off your skills. From beginning to end, these fast-paced videos highlight your hard work and the amazing finished product.

You can also add video interviews with satisfied customers and/or crew members or slideshows set to music.

The Next Frontier: BuildBloom

While there is value in having a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, there is also an emerging social site to keep an eye on. BuildBloom aims to be the site for construction business professionals. BuildBloom allows you to network with other construction professionals and gives you a place to display your work.

One of the greatest advantages to BuildBloom is the shared value for everyone in the industry. General contractors can post updates, bulletins and safety information that will reach different skilled laborers.

On the flipside, field workers can post progress images and other content so project managers can track development.

As more millennials enter the workforce, connecting online is becoming even more important. This generation– and all that follow – have communicated on computers since early childhood.

If you want to reach them, be a part of their conversation.

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