How To Increase Employee Well-being On Your Construction Site

Increase employee well-being on your construction siteCLC has tips on how to maintain a workplace that keeps morale and productivity high.

With construction sites being one of the more dangerous places to work, contractors pay close attention to mitigating the physical dangers of the job site. However, sometimes it’s the little things that can lead to a loss of moral and unhappy worker. With such a labor-intensive sector, it’s important to keep your employee satisfaction levels high in order to ensure everyone is working at optimum performance. Here are some ways you can promote a mentally healthy work environment, keeping your employees happy and productive.

Manage sickness in the workplace

Working in construction is taxing on both mind and body, so there will inevitably be a few days when your staff feels unfit for work. This is more common in the colder months, as our immune systems are put under more strain.

Ensure you have an environment where your staff can approach you if they aren’t feeling well. You need employees to be operating with a clear head, so they shouldn’t feel uncomfortable asking to take time to recoup from an illness. If not, you risk them being slower at completing tasks, or things not being completed correctly.

Maintain proper facilities

Depending on the scale of your project, the list of requirements for onsite facilities will differ, but the basic requirements include: running water, toilets and washing facilities, somewhere to store personal items/dry clothing and a place to prepare and consume food.

If you’re working on a project that requires decontamination at the end of a shift, provide adequate showering facilities. This will help keep morale up, as well as quell harmful bacteria spreading beyond the workplace.

Manage workload expectations

Expecting too much from your employees can lead to a decrease in moral. Working in construction, there are plenty of things that can hold up the job. Expecting to complete a project on or before a deadline without taking into account any unexpected occurrences may be putting too much pressure on your workforce. Keep a good level of communication with them to ensure you’re up to date on progress, rather than assuming they will finish the job on time.

A great way to make sure your workload expectations are manageable is to ensure you have enough skilled labor to complete your project. CLC can provide you with skilled craftsmen whenever you need an influx of labor, without you having to worry about taking on the cost of another full time employee.

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