Increasing Construction Safety Awareness

A well- implemented safety program can help decrease the number and overall cost of accidents.

Keeping workers safe andrisk management and workplace safety claims down with safety awareness is a great way to reduce costs and expenses typically seen from workplace injuries. Worker’s compensation can be expensive and tricky to navigate, so it’s important to reduce risks on the job site.

Construction Labor Contractors is a risk management company devoted to the safety of your employees and the success of your company. We can help you create a safe work environment for your skilled laborers while minimizing your risk of labor lawsuits. Learn how CLC helped a construction contractor increase safety awareness and avoid workplace injuries on their construction sites.

The Client
A construction contractor in Omaha, Nebraska whose work relies heavily on the safety compliance of skilled machinists.

The Problem
The contractor wanted to improve workplace safety and decrease the number of on site accidents as well as the overall costs of workplace injuries. Limited human resources capabilities were available.

The Solution
After reviewing the types of workplace accidents occurring, the contractor decided to reach out to a risk management company with human resources capabilities to help increase safety awareness. Construction Labor Contractors was able to review the companies existing safety materials and training procedures. Safety instructions were created to be thorough, easy to understand and disseminated to all workers.

The Results
As a full-service risk management firm, CLC was able to provide the human resources facilities needed to increase safety awareness and decrease the number and cost of workplace accidents. In addition to helping create safer work environment, Construction Labor Contractors was also able to manage worker’s compensation claims.

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