Increasing Workforce Quality With Labor Staffing

Temporary labor staffing can provide quality improvement to your workforce


Effective Construction StaffingThe need for highly skilled labor is increasing as the construction industry grows, but the process of screening potential employees can remain daunting. Hiring new laborers requires a significant amount of time, resources and money.

Working with a labor staffing agency like Construction Labor Contractors can making finding skilled labor to meet your specific needs easy. We have an extensive, thorough recruitment process in order to bring you skilled workers. Whether you need an influx of temporary workers, or a staffing model that gives you an opportunity to work with a laborer before deciding to bring them on full time, variable staffing can be a solution. Learn more about how CLC helped this contractor increase the quality of their workforce.

The Client
A contractor specializing in industrial and commercial HVAC, plumbing and millwright work.

The Problem
This client’s business experiences the typical ebbs and flows of project work. They were noticing an increase in worker’s comp, unemployment costs and the project managers were often busy and over-extended. Concerned that they needed a flexible workforce that was also reliable, the client looked to Construction Labor Contractors.

The Solution
CLC immediately provided the contractor with flexible labor staffing options. The client was able to specify the types of skilled labor their business needed, and adjust their workforce to meet the demands of their projects and business.

The Results
Construction Labor Contractor’s temporary labor staffing solutions provided a variable staffing model that helped alleviate the client’s concerns. No longer worried about unemployments costs and unaffordable overhead costs, the client could focus on the work at hand. The influx of highly skilled, pre-screened candidates meant that work was being completed with fewer accidents and at a higher quality. When projects requiring different skill sets arose, the client returned to CLC for quality laborers specializing in those fields.

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