Skilled Labor in Industrial Construction Industry

Construction Staffing is a Breeze with CLC

industrial construction staffingWith 16 labor staffing locations nationwide, Construction Labor Contractors is ready to accommodate your industrial construction staffing needs with skilled workers standing by, ready to work for you the moment you call.

Depending on the nature of the project, contractors rely on CLC to provide many different skilled laborers to meet the demands of industrial construction in factories, warehouses, and power plants. While similar to residential and commercial construction, industrial construction staffing requires very specially trained and experienced skilled workers to design, install and maintain the structural mechanisms. Our industrial construction workers are also familiar with government requirements due to environmental issues and potential hazards to land areas.

A Leader in the Industrial Construction Staffing Industry

CLC is a leader in providing labor staffing in industrial construction projects and has a distinguished reputation of providing the most reliable, highly talented skilled workforce in the construction market. We will mobilize the industrial construction staffing or workforce you need, for long or short-term projects, anywhere in the United States. Imagine everything is taken care of for you.

  • CLC selects and screens industrial construction laborers, such as painters, electricians, and plumbers, and handles all of the payroll and administrative duties associated with hiring an employee. We even have a comprehensive benefits package unlike no other temporary industrial staffing agency.
  • CLC is the leading source for industrial staffing services in construction, dedicated to attracting talented skilled laborers, and placing them in temporary industrial labor positions throughout the U.S.
  • CLC guarantees workers are skilled and masters of their trade. We specialize in providing meticulous, highly-trained, rigorously screened industrial labor professionals, to ensure maximum safety and productivity.
  • If a worker does not meet your expectations within the first 8 hours on the job, CLC sends a replacement immediately, and you will not be charged for the first employee.
  • CLC offers a wide-range of continuing education programs and convenient training opportunities to our employees, so that skills are always up-to-date, and employees have the tools they need to achieve success.

With CLC’s expertise and service guarantee, you have everything to gain.

To get started with a construction staffing services packaging that makes sense for you, simply complete our skilled labor contact form.

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