Is Your Construction Company In Compliance?

CLC details the steps you can take to keep your construction company operating in compliance.

Construction Staffing & Skilled WorkersAs a professional construction company, CLC knows that construction safety compliance is your top priority. Sometimes with a busy construction season your compliance checks can fall off the radar, leaving even the most veteran companies at risk for labor lawsuits. Now is a great time to monitor your compliance and employee safety programs to see if there is anything else you can be doing, and labor staffing agencies like CLC are here to help.

Keep your documents updated

You will want to make sure that all of your compliance committee documents are up to date and filed accordingly. It’s best to store these electronically in a central repository you’ve designated for policies and procedures. This helps keep the information you need reachable, and communicated in the most effective and consistent way.

Renew your training for management and employees

Your management and employees, especially those who are members of your safety committee, should have up to date training and certifications. Determine what your specific construction company needs to comply with labor regulations, and how the training will be delivered. This process is also particularly important to document for future reference. This also allows you to monitor how your company’s policies and procedures are implemented. Controls need to be put in place to ensure that all employees are complying with these plans.

How Partnering With A Risk Management Agency Can Help

As you can see, trying to ensure your company is in compliance with labor laws can be a time-consuming and difficult process. However, a risk management agency such as CLC can help. We specializes in providing construction staffing to the building industry. From reviewing current and proposed labor law regulations to providing training for the skilled labor your organization needs, we look after your company. Your company’s risks are reduced because the labor staffing we provide to your company are our employees, thus relieving you of many of the responsibilities of maintaining your own staff.

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