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Effective Construction StaffingPlanning, estimating and execution are crucial when managing a construction project with a budget you need to keep under control. Construction Labor Contractors, a leader in skilled labor staffing, knows that out-of-control construction costs can derail a project in the blink of an eye. Here are some ways you can keep your project’s cost under control, while not sacrificing services, or the welfare of your workers.

Avoid injury costs

Maintaining a safe work environment is one of the key ways to keep costs down when completing a construction project. Typical accidents will result from things such as falls, overexertion or being struck by an item while working. The majority of these accidents can be prevented! Have a good, enforced safety program that is OSHA compliant to help minimize risks during projects. A top priority should be not just to ensure the job is done right, but that it’s done safely to avoid accidents.

Have a clear, well-managed plan

Construction costs typically skyrocket when deviations have been made from original plans or proposals. Labor becomes less productive (and more costly) when too much time needs to be taken to reorganize a schedule, reassign duties, or reorganize a worksite. Make sure a thorough plan is in place and approved by all necessary parties before work even begins. Set up milestones throughout the project to keep everyone on tasks, and review the plans frequently to address any concerns before they become large, costly problems.

Avoid dips in moral and motivation

Make sure when planning and tracking the productivity of workers, you aren’t creating resentment and leading to slower production. Delegate responsibilities clearly and effectively to avoid setbacks in chain-of-command interruptions. Help your skilled laborers take ownership of their work, and their part in your project with clear mentorship. Don’t underestimate the value of excellent people skills in your leadership, as many losses in productivity and motivation come from miscommunications and lack of respect.

Organize and invest in your labor

Make sure you invest in good working conditions for your laborers. When you think about the placement of materials, storage, washrooms and more, consider their effect on labor productivity. Whether your labor crew consists of 5 people or 50, organize roles and responsibilities so no one is confused going in.

A good way to make sure you don’t suffer from morale and productivity lulls is to make sure you have enough skilled labor to complete the tasks at hand! Partnering with a labor staffing company can help you account for variable labor staffing needs, and keep you within your overall budget. Construction Labor Contractors is a leader in skilled labor staffing, and understands your needs. We offer skilled tradesmen that can improve your productivity while keeping your labor costs under control.

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