Top Questions To Ask A Temporary Skilled Labor Staffing Agency

Ask these questions before deciding on a labor staffing agency.

Temporary labor staffing can be a grelabor ready staffing agencyat addition to a construction team. A labor ready staffing agency can quickly provide pre-vetted, highly skilled labor, but there are a few important questions to ask yourself before you hire a staffing agency. Construction Labor Contractors knows that choosing a staffing partner is an important decision and we want you to find the right staffing firm.

When you’re searching for a labor ready staffing agency that complements your company’s values and work ethic there are some questions you can ask to ensure you’re finding the right fit.

Does the agency specialize in a particular field?
Depending on your staffing needs, it may benefit to hire a specialized staffing company, as those types of agencies tend to attract highly skilled workers in their fields. However, if you feel your needs may change from project to project, a staffing agency with a more skills available may be the right choice.

What kind of documentation and paperwork can I expect?
When hiring skilled labor from a staffing agency you eliminate a large portion of documentation typically gathered when hiring a new employee. However, your labor staffing agency should provide human resources solutions that give you all the documentation you need to take on a new worker. You can ask about specific reports for pay rates and quality control metrics in weekly, monthly or quarterly intervals. Ask about the billing and invoices process, and what type of reporting you can expect.

What is a typical turnaround time for placement?
Labor ready staffing agencies are great for providing you with skilled labor as quickly as possible, but not every agency has the same turnaround time. Make sure you verify what this timetable looks like, and whether it works for your specific needs.

What types of benefits do they offer their laborers?
Any skilled tradesman hired from an agency will work for and receive their benefits from that agency. Consequently, staffing agencies that offer above average benefits packages are likely to attract more highly skilled laborers.

How are their laborers evaluated?
Be sure to ask what is involved in the hiring process. Ask about the interview process and how things like references and drug screenings are handled. This is a great opportunity to make sure the human resources capabilities of the agency comply with state and federal tax requirements and they can give you the documentation you need.

Construction Labor Contractors is a labor staffing agency that has specialized in skilled labor staffing since 1997. We offer labor staffing solutions along with human resources management. Whether you are growing or downsizing – in any situation, we can help you.

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