Temporary Labor Staffing Is Back On The Rise

Due to industry growth, temporary workers are making a comeback.

With thLabor Ready Temporary Staffing Solutionse construction industry continuing to grow, temporary labor staffing is becoming more and more important. An increase in demand for labor ready temporary staffing always serves as a strong indicator of economic recovery as construction projects are on the rise.

Though the economic downturn had the temporary help industry losing around one-third of it’s workers, the U.S. News and World Report is indicating that the industry has gained back a majority of those workers. With temporary jobs accounting for much of the industry growth, labor staffing agencies like Construction Labor Contractors are providing skilled labor for a variety of positions and projects.

What this means for labor costs

Though growth in the economy is always good, it can mean for a possible increase in labor costs because of the high demand for skilled labor. Labor ready temporary staffing is a great way to combat these rapidly increasing costs. Many construction companies are protecting their bottom line by using temporary skilled labor for positions that typically have high turnover, or positions that require a very specific recruiting process.

In addition, temporary labor can be a great solution for short-term projects. Hiring new employes can be a potentially long and costly process, and it may be hard to predict when the need for new workers will arise. With a variable labor staffing model companies aren’t left trying to find work for newly hired permanent employees once a short-term project is complete.

In a recovering economy, every business opportunity matters. Don’t find yourself turning away new business because of labor constraints. Construction Labor Contractors can help you find qualified construction workers so you can take on projects that require an expected workload. Let us provide you with a temporary labor staffing solution that meets your needs and helps keep your costs under control.

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