Why Choose CLC for Your Construction Staffing Needs

The Best Labor Staffing Company

Labor Staffing Company

Best Labor Staffing Company

Unlike most agencies, Construction Labor Contractors is a labor staffing company that only specializes in the needs of the construction industry.

As recruiting professionals, we understand the changing employment needs that many construction contractors may encounter during their various projects. You may not always require full-time employees or want to be continually searching for and screening additional workers.

We take the hassle out of maintaining your workforce by providing you with just the right amount of skilled labor require for your existing project(s). This helps lower your expenses by having a lean workforce that allows you to grow your business while also keeping your employee-related costs low. We help you maximize the productivity of your workforce by providing you with skilled temporary workers only when you need them.

Time is money! If you are wasting time or spending money trying to hire the right employee and having to deal with human resource issues, you are taking focus away from other areas of your business. Our construction staffing service takes care of all the administration issues that come with making sure you have the skilled labor you need by:

  • Recruiting and pre-screening skilled workers and craftsmen
  • Providing safety training for all our hires
  • Matching the right candidate to your requirements
  • Reducing your liability for workers’ compensation
  • Taking care of employee health care and other benefits, thus alleviating your Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements
  • Minimizing your contributions for FICA and Unemployment Insurance
  • Relieving you of having to fire or lay employees off during slow periods, thus boosting employee morale

We are constantly keeping watch on the ever-changing market conditions to keep abreast of the latest market trends and changes within the construction industry. This includes keeping an eye on labor legislation that can have a financial impact on your business.

Are you ready to experience success with the best labor staffing company?

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