Strategic Labor Staffing Models

How to make the most of your labor force

Labor Staffing Models

Strategic Labor Staffing Models

Construction Labor Contractors (CLC) provides construction contractors and project mangers with construction staffing and other labor staffing solutions. Temporary workers make up an essential part of your workforce, and utilizing labor staffing agencies like CLC can yield both long and short-term cost benefits. Here are some ways temporary staffing can work for you!

Recruit Reliable Talent

Hiring decisions can be difficult, and you can risk valuable project time and productivity by making hiring mistakes. Create a labor staffing strategy that takes the worry out of hiring. When using a construction staffing agency they can supply you with pre-vetted temporary workers to fit your need. With Construction Labor Contractors you can be sure that qualified, quality people are ready to help you meet your project needs. Stop worrying about recruitment and focus on the jobs ahead!

Make Good Use of Human Resource Management

Any thriving contraction-related company has more than a solid foundation of skilled employees. They also have a strategic human resources strategy that operates at the highest level. Construction Labor Contractors can help you by reducing training costs, managing employee files, vacation, benefits and unemployment claims. In addition, choosing to outhouse your human resources frees your staff members to focus on key operations to help you complete projects. Choosing a company plan that includes temporary staffing strategy does not mean you have to sacrifice on meeting the human resources needs that keep your workers happy and successful.

Manage the ebb and flow of a growing industry

The construction industry is picking up with a demand for skilled workers and varied projects. A need for greater quantities of continent labor can pose new demands to workforce management. Even with this growth, chances are your need for staffing will vary. Don’t get stuck with a fixed labor cost! The best staffing strategies are ones with long-term solutions. Let Construction Labor Contractors help you create ongoing strategic initiatives that factor in the complexity of the business, cyclical needs and expansive growth.

Labor staffing can help you keep control of your labor cost, manage risks like unemployment and avoid hiring mistakes.

Are you ready to experience success with these strategic labor staffing models?


Construction Contractors and Industrial Project Managers: We efficiently match skilled craftsmen to your specific project needs, while improving overall labor productivity and performance standards. Contact one of our flexible skilled labor representatives for details!

Skilled Tradesmen and Construction Workers: We guarantee competitive wages, comprehensive benefits, a safe work environment, and the opportunity to renew your training. If you are looking for permanent or temporary labor staffing, fill out our jobs contact form today!

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