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Discovering the perfect machinist job doesn’t have to take a lot of legwork. Partnering with Construction Labor Contractors instantly puts you in contact with local contractors searching for skilled machinists just like you.

Our committed staff members match your skill set to a construction crew in need. With access to a large network of flexible industrial and commercial contractors, you are set for success. We are dedicated to providing the most reliable skilled labor jobs to talented craftsmen everywhere.

Our skilled machinist jobs include:
• Machining parts to specifications using machining tools, like lathes, milling machines and grinders
• Measuring and examining completed parts for detection of defects
• Monitoring the feed and speed of machinery
• Shaping steel and other metals
• Modifying programs and regulating when problems arise

Are you ready to for your next machinist job? CLC can match you to your next job. Fill out our construction jobs form today and find machinist jobs near you! We offer competitive salary and a comprehensive benefits package.

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