Meeting Compliance Standards With Temporary Labor Staffing

A labor staffing agency can keep you from being caught off guard by compliance standards


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Paying attention to safety and compliance standards is incredibly important for construction-based companies. As recruiting professionals, Construction Labor Contractors understands the changing employment needs that many arise due to drastic personnel. You may not always have the time to search for and screen additional workers when the need arises. Learn how we helped a manufacturing company in Virginia recover after staffing changes due to compliance issues.

The Client
A manufacturing company in Virginia, specializing in residential and commercial building components.

The problem
This client found themselves short on skilled labor when over a dozen of their contractors were found to be illegal workers. After dismissing the temporary employees, the company needed to replace the positions immediately, and be sure they were meeting compliance standards.

The Solution
Construction Labor Contractors has the ability to provide same-day requests, providing manufacturing employees to a site immediately. CLC handled all the details of the hiring process, handling the testing, interviewing, reference checking and screening of the potential candidates.

The Results
Because of the CLC’s fast turnaround, the company was back to 100% capacity almost immediately. They experienced very little delay due to the abrupt loss in labor, and were able to find a temporary labor staffing solution that provided them with the skilled workers they needed to stay up and running.

Don’t bog down your business with human resources concerns or worries of unemployment claims. Let us handle the details so you can get to work!

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