Meeting Project Deadlines With Skilled Labor

Case scenario showing how labor staffing helps you meet deadlines

Construction Staffing ResourcesThough commercial construction is booming, the economy is still trying to recover. This means you can’t take the chance of bidding on a job and then turning it down because you don’t have enough skilled laborers to meet the proposed deadline – every job counts!

Partnering with a reputable construction staffing agency can help you come up with a temporary skilled labor strategy that works for you. Learn how Construction Labor Contractors came up with an effective labor staffing strategy for this Virginia company who was under deadline.

The Client
A mid-sized Virginia construction company specializing in commercial construction.

The Problem
This company recently had a bid approved for work on a multi-story medical building. After accepting their client asked for more work that would add both hours and skills to the original proposal. Because the work being done required the offices to be shut down, it had to be completed under a tight deadline. This construction company didn’t have enough workers to complete the job on time. They worried about putting in the time and expenses of hiring more full-time workers who they may not be able to sustain in the future.

The Solution
This company needed an quick influx of skilled labor to complete the job on time. More importantly, these temporary workers needed to possess the skill sets necessary to complete the work efficiently and safely. To help with this, they needed a temporary staffing agency who could provide previously vetted workers with skills matching what was needed on the job.

The Results
Construction Labor Contractors went over the benefits of our FlexForce labor staffing and CLC WorkForce staffing options to evaluate which would best provide temporary skilled labor to supplement this construction companies full-time workers. In addition, CLC was able to meet the skill set this construction company needed, but provided workers who specialized in commercial construction services such as heating and cooling and (HVAC) technicians.

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