Minimize Your Construction Company’s Workers’ Comp Exposure

Prevent injuries and the associated costs at your construction company with these tips.

Fraudulent injuries come in many variety in the construction industry. As a contractor you have to be vigilant in your efforts to protect your company from the few employees who do commit workers’ compensation fraud. The best way to reduce injuries, illnesses, and their associated costs is for your company to be proactive. These costs can add up, so Construction Labor Contractors has some ways you can minimize your company’s exposure to workers’ compensation fraud.

Have a safety plan that communicates zero tolerance for injury fraud

Having a safety plan in place and enforcing that plan will make employees more likely to stick to the truth when reporting injuries. Your plan should carefully outline job descriptions and responsibilities, as well as help to build a strong teamwork environment about avoiding workers’ comp fraud. Be sure to publicize your workers’ compensation policy to all new hires, and current employees, and provide them with updates at least once each year.

Promote a safe working environment

One of the best ways your company can prevent fraudulent injury claims is to provide a safe and comfortable workplace. Make you sure you communicate to your employees that their safety is your top priority, and allow them to openly address any safety concerns. You can help keep your workplace injury-free if your employees know you care about good working conditions and – more importantly – their health.

Work with a labor staffing agency to hire only the top laborers

Training plays a significant role in safety and in reducing workers’ compensation costs. The most effective way to reduce injury and illness in the workplace is to hire employees that are properly trained and certified. By working with a labor staffing agency, you can ensure that every crew member who works on your team has been carefully screened.

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