Oil & Gas Drilling

Expert Oil & Gas Drilling and Exploration Professionals From CLC

Construction Labor Contractors is ready to handle all of your oil and gas drilling and exploration staffing needs. We have the hands-on experience you can rely on when it comes to staffing this vital and challenging industry with skilled labor professionals that are experts in drilling and exploration sites.

Oil & Gas DrillingContractors are having a hard time keeping up with the energy needs of the future, and North America’s resource industry continues to grow. Oil and gas drilling/exploration skilled workers are in high demand, and hard to find. CLC is here to help! We are thoroughly familiar with this continent’s exploration and drilling sites, and have resources in 16 locations nationwide to assist you with staffing your next project. Whether your site is on land, in inland waters or offshore at sea, CLC has the talented skilled labor you need to get your job done.

Rugged Performers Are Vital In This Industry

In general, oil and gas drilling sites operate year-round in all weather conditions. As the future of oil and natural gas drilling continues to prevail in difficult landscapes such as oil sands and shale gas, CLC’s skilled labor professionals are specially trained and experienced in working in challenging landscapes. Our skilled technicians are masters at carrying out plans for drilling, operating specialized equipment that digs wells and extracts oil and gas, and are in excellent physical shape so they can work outdoors in remote locations. CLC ensures that every oil and gas drilling employee is competent in working and handling heavy machinery, practicing the highest safety standards in the industry.

CLC’s oil and gas drilling experts include:

  • Roustabouts and derrick operators
  • Service unit and rotary drill operators
  • Rotary drill and engine operators
  • Pumpers
  • Gas treaters
  • Gas-pumping station and gas-compressor operators

For the safest, most high-quality skilled labor staffing, there’s simply no substitute for CLC. We are 100% devoted to offering the absolute best skilled laborers that support drilling and exploration industry.

CLC connects you with top oil and gas drilling experts and will provide one man or an entire crew of skilled drilling laborers to complete your project on time. Fill out our skilled labor contact form today and one of our construction staffing solutions representatives will help you reach your construction goals faster! We’re ready to help you improve your productivity with skilled labor. Get started today by contacting one of our flexible skilled labor representatives for details.

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