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With the high price of resources in today’s economy, construction project managers are drilling in deeper waters and even more remote environments than they ever had to in the past. It is also becoming more common to try new extraction methods on existing wells. These intricate operations require a team of hardworking skilled oil and gas workers. Finding skilled labor is a breeze with Construction Labor Contractors. When you need oil rig workers to carry out your plans for drilling, CLC never lets you down. Our oil and gas skilled labor force delivers the best service for all of your oil and gas extraction projects and mining activities.

Once you are ready to begin drilling for petroleum or natural gas, count on CLC’s experienced oil and gas workers to carry out your plans. Our drilling workers are professionally qualified to operate the heavy equipment used to drill the well and prepare it for use. CLC’s service workers are qualified to assemble the equipment used in extracting the oil or gas from the well. With 16 labor staffing agencies across the United States, CLC delivers a high-performing staff for all of your remote construction sites.

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CLC’s strategic recruitment process makes sure you are guaranteed the absolute most qualified team of professionals in the nation. We have built our reputation for excellence with over ten years of experience in recruiting and hiring. Our expertly managed flexible construction staffing saves you valuable time and increases the quality of your skilled labor resources. We have a large database of gas and oil rig professionals that have been thoroughly screened and interviewed. CLC’s commitment to quality ensures that during all drilling and extracting maneuvers, oil and gas engineers must follow strict precautions, and are specially trained in practicing all safety requirements.

By maintaining very stringent standards, CLC’s team of oil and gas laborers tackles the job immediately. Our oil and gas workers database is equipped with roustabouts, derrick operators service unit operators and rotary drill operators. Typical functions include:

  • Visual inspections to identify leaks
  • Move pipes, repair pumps and machinery, guide cranes
  • Maintain flow of drilling fluid
  • Align derrick elements
  • Maintain wells
  • Inspect and repair engines and other equipment
  • Thread cables through derrick pulleys
  • Operate pumps and observe pressure gauges
  • Ensure all oil and gas operations safe and effective

Are you ready to improve your bottom line?

CLC’s oil and gas workers get your job done with unfailing accuracy, building some of the most successful wells and mining projects in the industry. Working with CLC gives you quick, temporary oil and gas staffing, and eliminates the overhead costs you would experience with hiring full-time workers. Our skilled workforce is available whenever you need it, minimizing the cost of hiring and maintaining your own skilled labor workforce.

CLC is ready to help you staff  all of your oil and gas drilling and mining projects. Contact one of our skilled staffing representatives today to get started.

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