Common, Preventable Construction Site Injuries And The Mistakes That Cause Them

Don’t let preventable accidents happen on your work site


construction safetyNow more than ever, close attention is being paid int he construction industry to common worksite accidents, and what can be done to prevent them. Costs associated with accidents can cause the budget of any project to quickly skyrocket. An accident can happen to even the most experienced workers, but the rising instances of construction site injuries are usually due to unsafe acts or unsafe conditions, both of which

An “accident” is normally defined as an unexpected or unforeseen condition with an element of “chance”. In the world of construction, incidents can happen to even the most experienced professionals and are not normally due to “chance”. Incident causation is usually based on unsafe acts and/or unsafe conditions and therefore can be prevented. These are some common mistakes that can lead to injuries on the worksite, and how they can be prevented.

A false sense of security
When workers have repeated a task or job over a number of times they can become complacent, and end up overlooking basic safety practices. Eliminate this risk by going over an assessment of the daily tasks and reminding workers of the safety best practices that go along with them.

Not following or being aware of regulations

Even a company with rigorous safety training can have an instance where workers are unaware of or ignore certain safety protocols. Make sure these oversights are eliminated by frequent reminders in current and correct procedures. Keep track of whether your safety policies and procedures are being effectively implemented, and put controls in place if necessary to ensure that all employees are complying with these plans.

Don’t ignore fall protection

Working on upper building levels or high-rise construction developments means picking up equipment and tools regularly, watching your step, and securing equipment during and after use. Simply slipping on a tool can be hazardous for crew member working on the edge of a building. Protect against falls with anti-slip flooring and fall protection gear for workers who work past a certain height. In addition, make sure all surfaces worker walk on are strong enough to support the weight of the worker.

Because preventing construction site injuries is so important, construction related companies often turn to team of experts like Construction Labor Contractors to assist a company with this task. A full-service risk management firm such as CLC can put a comprehensive shield around your organization, absorb risk on your behalf, and minimize workplace injuries.

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