Reduce Hiring Headaches with Temporary Construction Staffing

Temp Construction StaffingChoosing to work with a construction staffing agency offers many benefits. Directly hiring employees requires a significant investment in time, money and resources. The services of a temp construction staffing agency gives companies access to a better talent pool of potential workers, more flexibility in their hiring practices, and less administrative work.

Finding skilled labor is the core focus of our staffing agency. We possess a level of expertise that enables us to pinpoint the hiring needs of our clients. Even though many companies have a human resources department that usually searches for job applicants, this task is often an additional burden on a department that already has to handle several other important duties. Using a construction staffing agency can be a great time saver that allows the company to concentrate on other aspects of their business.

Our recruitment process is extensive and thorough. We are constantly looking for qualified individuals who are able to fulfill the job requirements of our clients. We sort through numerous applications, conduct preliminary interviews, follow-up with references, and conduct background checks for the candidates. As a result, our clients don’t have to spend an excessive amount of time looking at the resumes of candidates who aren’t necessarily a good fit for their company. We have a database filled with talented applicants who have already been through the initial screening process.

When a worker is employed through a staffing agency, it reduces costs and liability. Our clients benefit from the individual’s labor and expertise, but don’t have to spend money on payroll taxes, unemployment benefits, worker’s compensation or other benefits. Hiring a worker through a staffing agency also reduces overhead costs such as overtime pay that would be provided to full-time employees.

If the services of the worker are no longer needed, the company doesn’t have to be concerned with handling an unemployment claim. The company also won’t be responsible for covering worker’s compensation if the worker is injured on the job. When the human resources department doesn’t have to process unemployment or worker’s compensation claims, it saves the company time and money.

Using a worker from a construction staffing agency is a great opportunity to find out if the individual is suitable before making a permanent offer of employment. Sometimes, a person may have the necessary credentials, but isn’t able to perform well on a consistent basis or doesn’t work well within the company’s environment. Both the company and the temporary worker have a chance to decide if they are a good fit for each other before any long-term commitments are made.

Construction Labor Contractors has spent years developing close relationships with companies in the construction industry. We provide skilled workers on demand who are able to successfully fulfill the requirements of managers and contractors. Whether our clients need help with an increased volume of work, facing difficulties with finding the right person for a particular position, or grappling with other staffing issues, we are always available to assist them.

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