Refinery Construction During Shut-Down

Quality labor staffing might be needed to complete construction project on time during a shut-down


temporary labor staffingWhen businesses have to undergo a shut down in order for construction and building updates, work has to be done quickly and efficiently. Contractors will partner with a temporary labor staffing firm like Construction Labor Contractors when they’re looking to minimize the risk of hiring under qualified workers for specific jobs.

Learn how CLC’s labor staffing models helped this contractor when completing work on this Tennessee refinery that was undergoing a shut down in order for the construction work to take place.

The Client
A general contractor overhauling a refinery in Nashville, Tennessee undergoing a shut down.

The Problem
The refinery scheduled a month-long for the general contractor and crew to complete the construction. This particular construction project required not only the use of skilled laborers like weldors, but skilled HVAC technicians to get things up and running. The contractor was having trouble finding enough skilled laborers to complete the job on time and within budget.

The Solution
In order to find qualified laborers who could complete the overhaul safely and on time the contractor contacted Construction Labor Contractors. CLC was able to provide the contractor who met everything from their strict welding requirements to their specific HVAC needs. As a qualified temporary staffing agency CLC was able to evaluate workers before sending them to the construction work, allowing the entire overhaul to be completed smoothy, and without extending the shut down time.

The Results
By hiring a temporary labor staffing agency the contractor was able to receive skilled labor that was previously vetted and avoided lost time, unqualified hires, potentially dangerous accidents and poor quality work. Construction Labor Contractors has a variety of staffing options to meet your needs. Our staffing options range from our FlexForce labor staffing to our CLC WorkForce in order to supplement your full-time workers while meeting your specific skill needs so you can perform quality construction during shut-down.

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