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Skilled Labor Staffing Needs Met Fast For Residential Construction

Construction Labor Contractors offers a wide range of construction staffing services for residential and home-building construction. Our skilled labor staff is experienced in all facets of residential construction, whether it’s custom home-building, constructing multi-family units, senior living facilities, or apartments and condominiums.

Residential ConstructionUsed by top construction contractors nationwide, CLC offers an array of talented skilled laborers on a flexible, temporary basis. From carpenters and electricians, to drywall hangers and plumbers, construction contractors turn to CLC for our quick response to their residential construction requests. Our construction staffing team is dedicated to finding the perfect skilled worker to compliment your construction workforce, and we are fast. We have the ability to select from a large pool of highly talented individuals whenever you need. And with 16 labor staffing locations across the U.S., you’ll never be without a skilled craftsman for your residential construction project no matter where you’re project is located.

Your residential construction deadlines are promptly met with qualified skilled labor from CLC. We consistently provide ongoing recruiting and training to our residential construction skilled labor workforce to ensure that our employees are familiar with specific building codes and regulations in each state. We are committed to sending the right craftsman or team of professionals to your residential construction project. It’s what we’ve been doing for the past decade and it’s why we hold the reputation for service excellence.

Building Partnerships That Last

CLC is in the business of building, not only construction but partnerships. CLC not only provides top-notch skilled labor for all of your residential building and construction needs, we build solid relationships with our clients and employees. We base our partnerships with construction contractors on trust, reliability and proactive customer service. With flexibility and ease, CLC’s labor staffing solutions places skilled laborers exactly where and when you need. We accomplish your residential construction skilled labor needs with your objectives in mind, never losing sight of your construction goals. In turn, our employees love the quality work, pay and benefits they receive. They are treated with respect and remain dedicated to maintaining the high level of professionalism CLC is known for on every residential construction project assigned. Our partnerships last, just as our quality workmanship does, always enhancing your bottom line.

CLC is the name you can trust for all of your residential construction staffing needs. Contact us today! We focus on providing safe and qualified truck drivers to our clients. Simply complete our skilled labor contact form and one of our construction staffing services representative will contact you shortly.

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