Top 4 Residential Property Developments In 2015

Home buyers can expect to see better roofs and sturdier houses in 2015

residential property developmentFrom improved building products to stronger structural designs, residential homes are getting better every day. The experts at Construction Labor Contractors can have you fully prepared to meet the growing residential housing market in 2015 with tips on element resistant features and labor staffing solutions. So what can you expect residential property development to look like in 2015?

1. Better roofs

The first concern of many homebuyers and homebuilders is a sturdy roof. Whether you’re using fiberglass or aluminum shingles, the incredible quality of current roofing materials allows roofs to be built with more durability and longer lifespans.

2. Element resistant features

Building houses to specifically stand against rain and wind elements is a huge priority in both residential property development and home remodeling. Moisture of any kind can weaken the home’s outer structure and even lead to internal water damage. Protection from wind is important even if your home doesn’t reside in a tornado or hurricane risk area. Gutter guards, galvanized hurricane clips and all-thread rods that anchor the roof to the foundation are all being used to protect against the elements and extend the life of any residential property.

3. Lighter building materials

Homeowners are beginning to learn that heavier doesn’t always mean stronger. This means building materials like heavy lumber are being replaced with composite woods. These newer, lighter building materials are more rigid and resistant to termites and other infrastructure-crippling problems, typically leading to a longer home life.

4. The revival of the modular home

Onsite construction is still the main technique for building residential homes, but the modular home is starting to make a rise. These prefabricated homes are typically built in sections offsite, and then delivered to a location where they can be fully constructed. Modular home construction allows for more specific control of both the quality and the design, as well as less time spent at the end construction site. In addition, the improved quality of modular homes makes some models stronger and safer than typically constructed houses.

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