Risk Management and Safety Compliance

Outsourcing human resources can help you avoid under-qualified hires and workplace accidents

Skilled Labor StaffingMany construction companies are avoiding the high costs and lost time associated with occupational injuries and claims by paying close attention to risk management and safety compliance. At Construction Labor Contractors we understand risk management, and understand how everything from return-to-work programs to claims reviews can help keep a construction company safe from typical risks.

A large contributing factor to construction site risks is improperly screened workers. Outsourcing your human resources department to a qualified labor staffing agency can help you protect your organization. Handling human resources tasks like drug testing, loss-control and employee screening, a full-service risk management department will help you free up internal resources. Learn more about how CLC helped a construction company in Texas with risk management and safety compliance.

The Client
A medium-sized construction company in Dallas, Texas.

The Problem
This company was seeing large turnover and an increase in safety compliance issues that resulted from under-qualified hires. Their internal resources were focused on project management and had little to no time for screening new hires or developing a consistent screening process. Concerned about possible workplace injuries and claims, they sought out a risk management company.

The Solution
Construction Labor Contractors was able to provide this construction company with pre-screened, qualified hires for their specified areas of skilled labor. In addition, CLC worked with their human resources department to communicate a plan for hiring additional workers and reduce their risk of poor quality hires in the future.

The Results
By outsourcing their human resources needs to a risk management company, this construction company was able to better manage risk and continue to meet safety standards with highly qualified and expertly-screened laborers. Having an effective hiring system in place saved the company the potential hard and soft costs of a poorly managed hiring process.

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