Does Robotics Have a Place in Construction?

When you think of robots, you might think about your favorite movie. Or a technology that is far off into the future. However, robotics in the workplace is here and continues to evolve.

While there are many innovations changing the construction landscape, robotics is on the cusp of making a huge time efficiency and safety leap.

Because of this evolution, robotics in construction is shifting how we work on the job site. Here are some of the ways robotics in construction works:

Semi-Automated Masonry (SAM)

The SAM100 is a bricklaying robot that is in use on the construction site. There are significant benefits to the SAM100 to improve efficiencies.

Designed to work collaboratively with the mason, the SAM100 increases mason productivity by 3-5 times while reducing the lifting by 80% or more. Additional benefits include: consistent production, lower installed cost, improved ability to plan and quote jobs and lower health and safety impact on the workforce.

Fastbrick Robotics

Laying bricks has always been a time-consuming element on the construction site. Fastbrick Robotics changes that.

As robotics get smarter and more efficient, they are able to tackle more challenges. One report claims that a robot can lay up to 1,000 bricks per hour.

This video showcases Fastbrick Robotics Automation. Check it out.

Robotic Exoskeleton

Think of the work Iron Man could do on the job site. A robotic exoskeleton is a suit-like mobile framework that is worn to enhance a worker’s strength.

The robotic exoskeleton allows users to have added capabilities while doing their work. Construction jobs that involve lifting, standing, squatting, etc. are prime candidates for successful implementation.

A full body suit doesn’t need to be in place for exoskeletons to yield results. In fact, just a robotic arm means you can print up to 10 times faster with a 3D concrete printer. Creating a huge variety of forms, including curved, hollow and geometrically complex shapes.

The future of construction is shaping up to be an exciting and innovative route. Let us help you staff your next crew.

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