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As the need for skilled labor increases, roofing jobs are becoming more in demand. Roofers and those who specialize in roof construction are finding partnering with a staffing agency a great way to lead to temporary and part time work.

CLC hires skilled roofers and carpenters

CLC partners with roofers who specialize in the installation and repair of all types of roofing, from asphalt and gravel to shingles and metal. Some skilled roofers may also be trained in installing equipment that requires cutting through roofs, such as ventilation ducts and attic fans. If you are looking for roofing construction jobs and want to get ahead in this competitive industry, partnering with a labor staffing agency will ensure you find steady work in a safe environment.

Get the inside track on the job you want. At CLC we offer competitive benefits, excellent wages and more. We offer roofing jobs for skilled laborers that come with a competitive benefits package includes medical, dental and vision coverage. In addition, we offer resources that help you make good healthcare decisions, and have access to the best care. Our comprehensive benefits package is just one way we provide a competitive incentive for great employees. As your career partner, we use our wide range of contacts across the U.S. to help you find a rewarding job that meets your skills set.

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