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No matter what your shipyard or marine project plans are, CLCs’ team of flexible construction staffing specialists will match you with the right shipyard workers.  Imagine having access to a flexible, reliable and experienced marine labor workforce, ready to work on your next shipyard project the moment you call. CLC delivers skilled laborers to shipyards, or dockyards as they are also known, where vessels are built, repaired and maintained.

Remarkable Results Guaranteed

Building ships is a complex job. Over the years, changes in technology and advancements in equipment has helped to design, plan and build many remarkable ships. Shipyard and marine labor is equally important to the successful construction of ships. CLC maintains a very reliable process of hiring shipyard workers to match your specific request backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. CLC’s shipyard laborers provide skill-tested, experienced shipyard workers who are qualified to work on various important jobs including:

  • Designing and building boats and submarines
  • Performing cosmetic restorations and repairs to ships and vessels
  • Conducting regular maintenance checks and conducting inspections
  • Prepares surfaces for tile or makes joints watertight by mixing and pouring cement on the inner bottoms of ships and around joints on decks
  • Prepares ship for painting by removing paint and scale from ships’ metal surfaces, using hand or powered wire brushes

Experience Precision Shipyard Labor With CLC

When you are faced with a shortage of shipyard workers due to employee promotions, illnesses or job relocations, count on CLC to fill your shipyard staffing needs with qualified skilled labor immediately. Through our extensive selection process, we determine the best candidates for your shipyard skilled labor team. CLC’s skilled laborers must display a wide range of skills, from basic moving or lifting to sophisticated electronic maintenance. They must perform duties that require precision and accuracy.  Regular maintenance and overhaul on ships and submarines require workers that are used to working in confined spaces. CLC’s welders, pipefitters, electricians, wood and metal workers are available year-round, and ready to tackle all of the challenges in your shipyard.

Contact one of our skilled labor solutions representatives today for more detailed information on how CLC can help you with labor staffing and your bottom line.

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