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Construction Labor Contractors delivers the best construction laborers for all of your labor staffing needs.  For various concrete finishing jobs, rely on CLC’s skilled concrete finishers who are masters of their trade and provide the highest quality work,  from smoothing and finishing freshly poured concrete to maintaining foundations, floors, ceilings, roads and sidewalks.

Our commitment to quality ensures that CLC’s skilled concrete finishers are equipped with the essential skills needed to provide solid workmanship when working with concrete, the most common and durable material used in construction projects.  All of our industrial concrete finishers are experienced, reliable and ready to perform a variety of duties at your construction job site including:

  • Restore and repair concrete surfaces
  • Resurface and replace damaged floors, walls, pavements and other concrete structures
  • Level and straighten surfaces
  • Provide a floated, troweled or textured surface according to specs
  • Cure and protect concrete surfaces

One-Step Construction Staffing Solutions–Simple.

Everything you need to complete your construction project is just a phone call away. CLC maintains a vast database of more than 100 skilled construction laborers and will precisely match your construction staffing request with a concrete finisher that is perfect for your job. And since skilled concrete finishers are employees of CLC, you don’t have to worry about interviewing, filling out paperwork, or conducting background checks. CLC handles all of the HR management, including hiring, payroll documentation, and even benefits, giving you more time to focus on reaching your construction goals. It’s that simple.

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Do You Have What It Takes To Be One of Our Skilled Concrete Finishers?

Because concrete finisher jobs require a high degree of accuracy, CLC ensures that each skilled craftsman is experienced with assessing the correct concrete setting time and applying the appropriate finishing technique at the appropriate time.  Skilled Concrete finishers also must work as part of a team with other skilled laborers, and CLC looks for strong technical and interpersonal skills during the recruitment process. Our skilled craftsmen take pride in seeing the results of their work and possess good vision, hand-eye coordination, spatial perception and artistic ability.

Apply as a skilled concrete finisher today!  If you are looking for flexible, reliable work with competitive wages plus benefits, fill out CLC’s construction jobs contract form today. CLC also provides training and continuing education opportunities to assist you with career advancement.

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