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Construction Labor Contractors has more than 10 years’ experience in providing construction staffing solutions to industrial project managers, as well as flexible, temporary jobs for skilled tradesmen. CLC is the finest solution for all of your skilled labor workforce needs, and you will find the top drywall hangers and finishers right here at CLC.

CLC offers the best labor staffing solution for your construction needs by quickly responding to your request for skilled drywall hangers and finishers dedicated to their trade.  Whenever you need skilled labor, CLC has you covered.  Our skilled drywall hangers and finishers handle everything from:

  • Removing existing plaster, drywall, or paneling, using crowbars and hammers.
  • Cutting metal or wood framing, and trimming to size, using cutting tools.
  • Fastening drywall into position on wood or metal frameworks, using glue, nails, screws, etc.
  • Hanging drywall panels on metal frameworks of walls and ceilings in offices, schools and other large buildings.
  • Measuring and marking surfaces according to blueprints and drawings.
  • Mounting tile, using adhesives, or by nailing, screwing, stapling directly to structural frameworks.

Reduce Labor Costs, Save Time with CLC’s Skilled Drywall Hangers and Finishers

We listen carefully to your skilled labor staffing requests and precisely match our skilled craftsmen to your project. If you need to add flexible, leased labor to your team during your busy season or if your construction team is down due to illness or injury, CLC will make sure your construction plans stay on target, sending you our best skilled professionals the moment you call.

  1. We handle all of the interviewing, hiring and training, and recruit the highest skilled craftsman.
  2. We offer the best jobs and benefits in the construction industry.
  3. We provide superior customer-service and guarantee results.
  4. Our workforce staffing professionals have specialized industry backgrounds and understand your unique needs.
  5. We minimize your costs and improve your bottom line.

CLC understands all of your construction labor requirements and take pride in providing conscientious, dynamic individuals for your project. Our drywall finishers and hangers are dedicated to quality workmanship and timely completion, and each employee we send to you is backed by our 8-hour satisfaction guarantee. If our expert craftsman does not surpass your expectations within the first 8 hours of performance on the job, we will immediately send a replacement. Our commitment guarantees you are provided with the most flexible, skilled labor in the construction staffing business. Contact one of our flexible skilled labor staffing representatives for details!

Attention Skilled Drywall Hangers and Finishers:

Experience the benefits of working as a drywall worker for CLC. In addition to competitive wages, we offer one of the most comprehensive benefits packages in the construction industry.  As a skilled drywall worker, you will have reliable work, a safe work environment and the opportunity to advance your career development with professional training and certification classes.Fill out our construction jobs contact form today!

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