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Dedicated Equipment Operators from CLC

For over a decade, construction contractors have trusted Construction Labor Contractors to provide skilled labor staffing for all of their construction jobs.  CLC provides highly skilled heavy equipment operators for any construction project, whether it is a short- or long-term assignment.

Our Equipment Operators Are Safe, Skilled and Accurate

The skilled heavy equipment operators we place are well trained in operating equipment in a safe and appropriate manner. Heavy equipment includes trucks, front-end loaders, dozers, graders, compactors, snowblowers, and other pieces of equipment. Each equipment operator is trained to practice workplace safety and participates in routine maintenance of all equipment including:

  • Cleans, maintains and secures all equipment as directed by legislation, policies and procedures.
  • Advises project manager/foreman of any requirements for maintenance or repairs.
  • Ensures that heavy equipment is safely and securely stored.

Find Highly Skilled Heavy Equipment Operators at CLC

Don’t worry about taking on that extra construction project because you aren’t sure you have enough staff.  CLC responds with qualified construction staffing the minute you contact us.  We interview, evaluate and match skills of every candidate we place, so you can be confident that our skilled heavy equipment operators are ready for the physically strenuous and demanding job.  Our equipment operators are experienced and trained to work in extreme cold and heat, and take the necessary precautions to operate all heavy equipment safely and protect themselves from the elements, reducing your risk and improve productivity.

With CLC, you will complete more projects by adding the flexibility of our leased labor staffing.  You will save money by only paying for skilled labor when you need it. Our staff specializes in handling any skilled labor staffing request, and we respond fast so that you will never be left without one, or a team of heavy equipment operators.

Attention Heavy Equipment Operators:

Experience the benefits of joining the construction staffing team of skilled laborers at CLC. We are always looking for skilled heavy equipment operating. At CLC, we guarantee safe, reliable work, with competitive wages. No more job hunting. You can move from construction job to construction job with the assurance that you will be assigned to another project once your job is complete. CLC also supports your career development and provides opportunity for advancement and skills training. Apply as a skilled heavy equipment operator today! Fill out our construction jobs contact form to get started.

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