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Construction and HVAC contractors depend on CLC to provide the most competent and skilled HVAC technicians in the industry. Let Construction Labor Contractors be your number one resource for construction staffing and provide you with a simple solution for all of your labor staffing needs.

CLC’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning professionals (HVAC) specialize in installing the machines and ducts that keep comfortable air flowing through buildings, as well as the repair and maintenance of these vital systems.  Our team of skilled HVAC technicians is highly specialized in this field.

Reduce Costs, Save Time with CLC’s HVAC Technicians

At CLC, we understand how critical it is to provide the most qualified reliable skilled labor at a moment’s notice. We are ready to provide you with skilled HVAC technicians from the moment you call. Our skilled labor is available for emergencies, nights and on weekends, keeping you on target for completing your construction project on time.  Our vast database of professional HVAC technicians are trained in both maintenance and installation, and are qualified to work the mechanical and electrical components involved in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Depending on how many skilled laborers you need, we are prepared to send you one, or a team of workers to your construction site to install new systems and run duct work.

With CLC, you will save time. Your one and only step is to simply give us a call or fill out our skilled labor request-a-quote form.  CLC handles all of the human resource management including:

  • Interviewing and hiring qualified, dependable, dedicated HVAC technicians
  • Managing payroll and benefits
  • Administering background checks and drug screenings
  • Cost-effective, flexible leased labor available anytime

Attention Skilled HVAC Technicians:

Experience the benefits of working as a construction laborer for CLC. In addition to competitive wages, we offer one of the most comprehensive benefits packages in the construction industry.  You will have reliable work, a safe work environment and the opportunity to advance your career development with professional training and certification classes.Fill out our construction jobs contact form today!

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