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Time-Saving Skilled  Iron Workers From CLC

When it comes to construction staffing, Construction Labor Contractors has you covered.  CLC’s immediate response to your request for skilled iron workers delivers the perfect solution to your construction staffing needs by providing the most qualified tradesmen to your construction job. Using flexible skilled labor allows you more time to focus on the completion of your construction project by reducing the number of hours spent locating and hiring professionals on your own.

Reduce Your Construction Labor Costs With Skilled Iron Workers

There’s no doubt that the work performed by iron workers is a challenging, strenuous, and even dangerous craft.  Most work involves climbing, bending, squatting, sitting, standing and heavy lifting.  CLC diligently interviews and places only the most competent and trained iron workers for each specific skilled labor request.  Skilled iron workers from CLC are ready to perform a variety of tasks including:

  • Reinforcing steel and cable in concrete construction
  • Assembling steel skeleton of buildings
  • Heavy machinery rigging
  • Window Wall and curtain wall exteriors
  • Welding in conjunction will all aspects of the above job descriptions

CLC’s skilled iron workers are reliable, and guaranteed to get to work on time, prepared with all tools for the day’s work.  It is necessary for our iron workers to be qualified to work with various hand tools including wrenches, beaters (heavy hammers), bull pins, sleever bars, wire cutters, tool belts, pouches and safety belts.  All iron workers must work in a safe manner and follow all safety orders. Contact one of our skilled labor staffing professionals for details!

Construction Staffing Made Easy

CLC can quickly provide you with an experienced iron worker as soon as you call. Working with both contractors and construction laborers, CLC makes sure that each contractor’s request is satisfied with the perfect craftsman for the construction job.  With CLC’s labor staffing solutions, you won’t have to sort through resumes, process applications and set time aside for interviews. CLC does all of the interviewing, hiring and screening for you.  And because our skilled laborers are employees of CLC, you won’t have to worry about payroll or paperwork.  Construction Labor Contractors even provides benefits. The flexibility of hiring only the skilled labor that you need leaves you more time to focus on your construction dreams.

Attention Skilled Iron Workers:

CLC is always looking for professional, skilled iron workers to join our labor workforce.  We provide all of our tradesmen with competitive wages and benefits, reliable work, and a safe work environment. As a member of the CLC construction staffing team, you can also develop your career and renew your training. Start your application as an iron worker today! Fill out our construction jobs contact form now.

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