Construction Labor Staffing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

With a team of more than a thousand skilled laborers, Construction Labor Contractors is ready to fulfill all of your needs for skilled labor in Wisconsin and surrounding areas.Our commitment to providing the best qualified team of skilled laborers to the construction industry, results in superior outcomes for our clients in Wisconsin.

Construction Staffing in Milwaukee, WI
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As a construction staffing company since 1997, CLC recognizes Milwaukee’s dynamic business community and knows the construction market well. We offer the best solution for your construction workforce needs by providingflexible, skilled laboranytime you need. Whether you require additional help during your busy season, or if you need an entire team of skilled labor tradesmen for your project, CLC responds quickly and ensures that your plans stay on target.

5 Reasons CLC is THE Choice for Construction Staffing in Milwaukee:

Using Construction Labor Contractors today for your temporary construction staffing needs brings you closer to reaching your industrial project goals. Here’s how we can help:

  1. We recruit the highest skilled tradesman and take the worry out of hiring and training.
  2. We provide timely, cost effective methods for meeting your project deadlines.
  3. We offer employment consistency and the best benefits in the industry.
  4. We reduce your costs and improve your labor productivity.
  5. We are committed to your satisfaction and guarantee results.

Short-term and Long-term Skilled Labor in Wisconsin

With the increasing popularity of flexible labor staffing arrangements, contractors need to stay current with today’s workforce. We understand that building is a collaborative process, and as a skilled labor staffing service, we partner with you from beginning to end, ensuring that we choose the right tradesmen for your construction job.

When your workload increases, CLC’s FlexForce is the right solution.  Rather than hire additional full-time construction workers, let CLC accommodate your employment needs and handle everything for you. We can provide you with just a few employees to start out with for a short-term project, or an entire workforce for a long-term project. Having the flexibility of hiring only the skilled labor you need for each project enables you to increase your production and eliminate the headache of recruiting and hiring. Contact one of our flexible skilled labor representatives for details!

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