Construction Labor Staffing in Akron, Ohio

Construction Labor Contractors (CLC) has the capabilities and resources to meet all your needs in skilled labor in Ohio. Since 1997, CLC has been providing leased construction labor for many diverse construction jobs in Akron, including historical renovations, housing, public buildings and roadways. Our team identifies the best skilled labor workers in the Akron, Ohio area and precisely matches them to your specific construction project.

Construction Staffing in Akron, Ohio
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Often referred to as the City of Invention, Akron is a leader in industry and innovation. Akron is also a prominent market for tourists, with half of America’s population living within a day’s drive away. From the magnificent Stan Hewitt Hall featuring one of the best examples of Tudor Revival architecture in America, to the National Inventors Hall of Fame and Inventure Place, Akron showcases some of the best skilled labor in Ohio. At CLC, our knowledge of the Akron construction market and our procedures for hiring skilled labor ensures that you work with the best construction workers who know the jobsite area well.

Construction Labor Contractors Takes Care of Everything

CLC provides comprehensive construction staffing in Akron to help contractors meet their goals by providing the best skilled labor in Ohio. With more than twenty years’ experience, CLC recognizes qualified candidates and identifies the most highly skilled tradesmen for each project. You don’t have to worry about interviewing, filling out paperwork, or conducting background checks. CLC does all of the HR management for you, including hiring, payroll documentation, and even benefits, giving you more time to focus on your project milestones and goals.

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  • Construction Contractors and Industrial Project Managers:
    We efficiently manage a skilled labor in Ohio and match construction workers to your specific project needs, while improving overall labor productivity and performance standards. Contact one of our flexible skilled labor representatives for details!
  • Skilled Tradesmen and Construction Workers:
    We guarantee reliable work, competitive wages, benefits, a safe work environment, and the opportunity to renew your training and take additional classes to support your career development. If you are looking for construction staffing in Akron, fill out our construction jobs contact form today!

No project is too big or too small for our construction staffing team in Akron, and we are there for you the moment your project starts. Our strong and efficient management system enables us to maintain all records of leased construction laborers, contractors, and job locations. Documentation is always readily available for our clients..

Whether you are a construction contractor in need of a highly skilled workforce, or a construction laborer in need of flexible work with benefits, contact CLC today!

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