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Construction Labor Contractors is a name you can trust in the construction staffing industry.  With over ten years’ experience in providing skilled labor staffing solutions to construction project managers, requests for skilled machinists are easily fulfilled with CLC’s vast database of thousands of professional skilled laborers.

Machine operators play a vital role in the success of completing construction projects on time. In general, they operate all types of heavy equipment and perform ongoing maintenance to make sure the machine is working properly. CLC’s skilled machinists possess the following qualities:

  • Comprehensive understanding of the machinery they are handling
  • Ability to fix minor problems and maintain equipment
  • Excellent communication skills, managerial skills and attention to detail
  • Physically fit and capable of working long hours

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Ready from the moment you call, CLC’s high-performance machine operators are fast, reliable and responsible. With thousands of skilled machine operators’ right at our fingertips, we simplify the task of interviewing, hiring and filling out paperwork, leaving you with more time to meet your construction deadlines.  Our dependable skilled labor is backed by our 8-hour guarantee. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the leased labor we provide you within the first 8-hours of performance on the job, a replacement will be sent immediately. We are committed to providing the most convenient, reliable labor staffing in the construction market.

Whether your construction job is big or small, with CLC’s leased labor staffing, you can plan projects without worrying about layoffs or staffing up. The wide-range of construction staffing services delivered by CLC will give you everything you need to enhance your bottom line.

Attention Skilled Machinists:

CLC is always looking for highly skilled machinists and general machine operators to join our skilled labor workforce.  We provide all of our skilled tradesmen with competitive wages and benefits, reliable work, and a safe work environment. As a member of the CLC construction staffing team, you will also have the opportunity to develop your career and renew your training. Start your application as a skilled machinist today! Fill out our construction jobs contact form now.

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