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Construction project managers know that they can trust Construction Labor Contractors for all of their labor staffing needs, including specialized skilled labor. Metal building assemblers are one of the specialized fields within the construction industry, creating commercial and industrial metal structures using pre-manufactured metal framing and siding materials. CLC’s wide-range of skilled metal building assemblers is ready to elevate your next construction job with just one phone call.

Our pool of skilled metal building assemblers are qualified to perform a variety of duties working with metal including:

  • Assembling prefabricated metal building according to blueprint specs
  • Utilizing hand tools, power tools, and hoisting equipment to erect building frames
  • Bolting steel frame members together and sheet metal panels to framework
  • Attaching wire and insulating materials to framework
  • Trimming excess sheet metal, using cutting torch, power saw and tin snips

Reduce Your Labor Costs—Hire Skilled Metal Building Assemblers from CLC

Our dedication to providing construction staffing solutions for the construction industry for over ten years makes us a leader in our business.  Whenever you need to skilled labor staff your construction project, CLC has everything at their fingertips.  We have the most qualified and dedicated tradesmen in our database, and we want you to do what you do best: build.

Let us handle the staffing of skilled metal building assemblers and other general skilled labor.  Our human resource team is easy to work with and manages thousands of skilled laborers for all of your construction project needs.  You will save time and money by letting us handle your hiring needs.  We manage all paperwork and conduct all interviews.  Imagine the time you will save having CLC screen each candidate and provide background checks.

With flexible skilled labor solutions from CLC, you will achieve your construction goals faster. Our crew of skilled tradesmen is precisely matched to each specific construction job.  We work with you from beginning to end to ensure that everything is just right.  We guarantee it with our 8–hour 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you notice that something isn’t quite right with a metal building assembler, we will send a replacement and not charge you for the first assembler that was chosen for your site. Contact one of our skilled labor representatives for details.

Attention Skilled Metal Building Assemblers:

Experience the benefits of working for CLC as a skilled metal building worker. In addition to competitive wages, we offer one of the most comprehensive benefits packages in the construction industry.  Skilled metal building assemblers enjoy the benefit of having reliable work, in a safe work environment, as well as the opportunity to advance career development. Fill out our construction jobs contact form today!

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