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As a leader in skilled labor staffing services, Construction Labor Contractors meets every single construction staffing request. With more than 15 construction labor locations nationwide, CLC provides skilled millwrights to meet all of your construction and machinery maintenance jobs, from erecting wind turbines in the power generation industry to installing conveyor belts in airports.

CLC’s Skilled Millwrights Get the Job Done!

CLC’s construction staffing professionals understand what it takes to meet the specialized demands of modern millwright construction jobs. Today’s skilled millwrights are experienced in working with steel, as well as wood, combining their skills to build and assemble complex equipment at each construction job site.  CLC’s skilled industrial millwrights meet the highest standards of accuracy and have an eye for the perfect fit. They are trained to work with a wide range of precision instruments, including: calipers, levels, gauge blocks, and optical and laser alignment tooling. In addition, CLC’s millwrights:

  • Have a thorough knowledge of technical instructions and blueprints
  • Install and maintain machinery and equipment precisely according to plans
  • Assemble, align and balance machinery in the power generation industry
  • Possess a good understanding of fluid mechanics including valves, cylinders and compressors
  • Perform work at high heights without fear

CLC Makes Construction Staffing Easy!

Construction contractors trust CLC for professional results.  The flexible, customized skilled labor staffing solutions CLC provides eliminates the hassle of finding skilled tradesmen at the last minute. Our thorough recruitment process provides contractors with the most qualified, experienced skilled millwrights, available to work at a moment’s notice, on an as-needed basis.

CLC is committed to hiring the most talented skilled labor in the construction market.  Each tradesman is screened during a one-on-one interview with a member from our human resource team. Next, we conduct a background check and the candidate must complete and pass a drug screening. CLC is dedicated to providing the most reliable labor staffing in the construction market, backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If one of our industrial millwrights does not exceed your expectations within the first 8 hours of performance on the job, we will immediately send a replacement. Our commitment to our clients guarantees you are provided with the most flexible, skilled labor in the construction staffing business.

CLC’s skilled millwrights deliver professional quality work–consistently.  Contact one of skilled labor professionals for details!

Attention Skilled Millwrights:

If you are looking for millwright jobs, look no further. Construction Labor Contractors is always looking for industrial millwrights and other construction professionals. Please fill out our construction jobs form to find out what opportunities we may have in your area.

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