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Count on Construction Labor Contractors to provide you with the best skilled labor for all your construction project needs. With 15 construction labor locations throughout the United States, CLC responds to your needs fast and efficiently with our vast database of industrial and commercial painters.  Our flexible skilled labor workforce delivers remarkable results to your construction site with time-saving productivity.

Through our quality recruitment process, CLC selects the most skilled painters in the industry. We can handle any construction project manager’s request for a painter including:

  • Industrial and commercial painters—apply paints, stains and coating to interior and exterior walls, new buildings and other structural surfaces.
  • Maintenance skilled painters—specialize in removing old finishes and applying new paints, stains and coatings to prevent corrosion and restore older structures.
  • Artisan skilled painters—create unique finishes using sponging, rag-rolling, color-blocking and other common decorative techniques.

CLC Makes Construction Staffing Easy!

Discover how easy it is to work with Construction Labor Contractors. You’ll save so much time by trusting CLC to handle all of your construction staffing needs.  We demand the best from our employees and make sure each industrial painter is detail-oriented and can identify subtle differences in paint color.  We also make sure our commercial painters can withstand the physical demands of working long hours on their feet with their arms raised above their heads.  With CLC managing all of your labor staffing needs, you will have more time to focus on attaining your construction goals faster.

CLC goes over every detail with you to provide you with the most outstanding industrial and commercial painters in the construction market.  If you are ever unsatisfied with one of our construction laborers, a replacement will be provided immediately. In addition, all skilled painters are screened and checked to guarantee that their physicals are up-to-date. CLC’s industrial painters make a difference. Contact one of our skilled labor recruiting specialists for details!

Attention Skilled Painters:

CLC is always looking for top-notch skilled painters to join our skilled labor workforce. Construction Labor Contractors provides competitive wages and benefits, reliable work and a safe work environment. As a member of the CLC team, you will also have the opportunity to develop your career and renew your training. Start an application today to join our valuable team of skilled painters! Fill out our construction jobs contact form to get started.

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