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For more than ten years, construction contractors and industrial project managers have counted on Construction Labor Contractors to provide the best solutions for all of their temporary construction staffing needs.  Let CLC’s skilled pipe welders perform pipe or plate welding work whenever needed at all of your construction project locations. Our vast pool of construction skilled laborers includes knowledgeable commercial pipe welderswho are experts at working with the strength and welding characteristics of various metals.

Find Skilled Pipe Welders at CLC

Pipe welding requires skill, accuracy and special technique.  It is our job to make sure your construction project is finished on time, in the safest, most efficient manner.  You will not have to worry about scheduling interview after interview to find the perfect pipe welder.  CLC is ready the moment you call with skilled pipe welders.  Our complete screening process verifies that each pipe welder is certified and that their licenses are up-to-date. In addition, we monitor each candidate’s pipe welding skills to ensure that all work is performed in the safest manner possible.

Skilled Pipe Welders from CLC Possess the Following:

  • Extensive knowledge of the tools, terms and equipment used in pipeline and plate welding
  • Maintain safe work procedures, especially when working near or around gas pipelines
  • Comply with established methods, guidelines, standards and procedures during all welding operations
  • Maintain an adequate inventory of supplies and material for operations assigned
  • Frequently lift and carry materials and supplies such as fusing equipment, welding equipment and steel pipes weighing up to 100 pounds
  • Stand for long periods of time, and perform other related physical activities including crouching and kneeling and frequently

Comprehensive Construction Staffing

CLC provides the most comprehensive labor staffing solutions for all of your temporary skilled labor needs.  With our database of hundreds of skilled laborers right at our fingertips, your project will never be slowed down because you are short-handed or understaffed.  And our staff has the flexibility to send you one, two, or an entire team of skilled construction laborers whenever the need arises.

No project is too big or too small for Construction Labor Contractors. Pick up the phone and give us a call today.  Find out why so many construction project managers trust CLC to provide skilled labor solutions for all of their skilled labor needs.  If you are ready to start, contact one of our skilled labor representatives today.

Attention Skilled Pipe Welders:

Are you looking for jobs as a skilled pipe welder? Apply here to join our flexible skilled labor staffing team. CLC is constantly looking for skilled pipe welders. We provide competitive wages and benefits.  As a member of our team, you will be guaranteed a safe work environment and opportunities to grow your career.  Get started as a commercial pipe welder with CLC. Start your application by filling out our construction jobs contact form.

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