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Pipefitting is demanding work.  Construction Labor Contractors can provide you skilled pipefitters to fulfill staffing needs in construction jobs that involve installing, maintaining and repairing different types of pipes and piping systems.  CLC works with the most skilled pipefitters to meet all of your construction staffing needs.

  • Experience: CLC has over 10 years’ experience in providing construction staffing services to contractors for a variety of projects.
  • Custom solutions: Our vast database of pipe fitters and general skilled labor is updated regularly, matching each pipefitter to each specific construction project needs.
  • Specialties: Some of our skilled pipefitters specialize in certain areas, such as fire sprinkler systems (sprinkler fitters) or liquids and gases (steam fitters).
  • Skills: Each pipefitter is experienced with reading blueprints, taking accurate measurements, cutting and assembling pipes. In addition, our pipe fitters are trained and experienced with a variety of tools.

With our proven method of screening skilled pipefitters and other labor staffing candidates, CLC delivers the only the best qualified pipefitters to your construction site.  During a one-on-one interview, CLC determines the candidate’s abilities and skills, and performs a background check and drug screening test. CLC manages all of the hiring and paperwork for you, from payroll to benefits.  In addition, all of the skilled labor we provide is backed by our 8-hour guarantee.  If you are not 100% satisfied with a pipefitter within the first 8-hours of working on your site, CLC will immediately replace the skilled laborer and you will not be charged for the first pipefitter that was designated to your construction project.

Contact one of our skilled labor solutions representatives today for more detailed information on how CLC can help your bottom line.

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CLC works with many construction contractors on both indoor and outdoor construction projects requiring pipe fitters. There’s no doubt that your craft is challenging, and CLC provides you with steady work that is flexible and satisfying. With 15 locations in the United States, pipe fitters are always in demand.  CLC is always looking for top-rated skilled pipefitters to join our workforce. We provide competitive wages and benefits, as well as the opportunity to develop your career and renew your training. If you are looking for pipefitter jobs, fill out our construction jobs contact form today!

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