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Construction Labor Contractors has been providing project managers with professional skilled labor, including shipfitters, for over a decade.  When it comes to providing labor staffing for ships or ship building, look no further.  CLC provides the most skilled shipfitters in the industry with over 15 construction employment agencies nationwide to serve all of your leased labor staffing needs.

With the wide range of ships that are used to transport passengers, manufactured goods and move our troops, the need for skilled shipfitters is in high demand to keep these vessels operating smoothly.  There are a variety of skills a ship fitter must possess. CLC is your number one source for providing these experts with our professional construction staffing services.

Convenient, Flexible Skilled Shipfitters from CLC

As soon as you call CLC, we are ready to provide you with a convenient, flexible staff of shipfitters. Whether your project requires design and architecture assistance, carpentry expertise, or skilled welders experienced in manipulating the steel components of the ship, CLC will precisely match your ship fitter staffing requirement.  Our skilled shipfitters are prepared to perform duties in shipyards or whatever facility your ship is being built or repaired.  No job is too big or too small for our skilled laborers and we will work with you from the beginning, the middle, or at the final stages of your construction project.  No matter what, whatever you need, CLC is here for you.

  • CLC works with the most highly skilled shipfitters to meet all your construction staffing needs.
  • With the variety of duties ship fitters perform, CLC regularly updates its database to ensure laborer’s skills and certifications are current and up-to-date.
  • We conduct one-on-one interviews with each candidate to determine qualifications, skills and abilities.
  • 8-hour guarantee.  If you are not 100% satisfied with a ship fitter or a team of skilled laborers from CLC, we will immediately send a replacement and you will not be charged for the first ship fitter that was chosen for your site.

CLC’s convenient shipfitter staffing ensures you will never be without a skilled laborer working on your ship, resulting in faster project completion with no added costs. Contact one of our skilled labor solutions representatives today for more detailed information on how CLC can help you with labor staffing and your bottom line.

Attention Skilled Shipfitters:

CLC is always looking for skilled shipfitters to join our skilled labor workforce.  We provide all of our craftsmen with reliable work, competitive wages and benefits, and a safe work environment. As a member of the CLC skilled labor team, you can also renew your training to further develop your career. Start the application process as a shipfitter today! Fill out our construction jobs contact form now.

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