Everything from keeping track of paperwork to building simulated houses can be done in these cool apps for construction managers.

Managing a construction company can be made be much easier with some of the construction apps that are available. There are tools that help do everything from streamline efficiency to ensure optimal productivity, and each of them are available for a mobile device. From using your phone in the field to using your phone in your downtime, Construction Labor Contractors picks out our favorite apps for contractors.

Viewpoint for Mobile
This grid time entry app lets contractors track time and keep an eye on productivity in a grid, which functions mostly as a spreadsheet. The users can also take and organize job-site progress photos that are tagged automatically with a date, location and job code.

Construction Manager
One of the most widely used apps for contractors, it allows the transfer of maintenance logs, daily reports, project estimates and time sheets between company headquarters and construction sites. It also has the ability to let salespeople and estimators create on-site estimates for construction projects and repairs.

Safety Meeting App
Covering over 34 trade types, the Safety Meeting App is accessed from phones, tablets or computers. It store current and past meetings and records, while helping you maintain workplace safety. Best of all, it meets the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s required meeting laws and stores records electronically.

Sim City BuildIt
Combine work and play with EA’s Sim City BuildIt. The user is made mayor of a town, and responsible for soling real-life challenges such as traffic, fires and pollution. It also lets you build your city from the ground up.

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