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Structural WeldersWhenever you need skilled labor for your construction project, turn to Construction Labor Contractors for the fastest and most reliable response to your needs. Our huge database of skilled craftsmen includes hundreds of structural welders that are ready to begin working for you the moment you call. In over 16 construction staffing locations nationwide, CLC provides experienced, structural welders for creating frames or skeletons for buildings and structures that are held up using steel and aluminum.

Working with steel and aluminum and joining the two metal parts together is just one skill CLC looks for during the extensive recruitment process. Structural welding involves working with aluminum, stainless steel and reinforced steel. Structural welders must complete extensive training in order to learn how to weld metals together safely and with precision. All of CLC’s structural welders are certified and possess Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS).

Typically, welded connections are designed with the specifications identified in the welding code. The codes address various aspects of the weld, and CLC’s structural welders specialize in working with a variety of designs including:

  • Groove weld and fillet weld
  • Complete and partial joint penetration
  • Weld length, size and spacing
  • Static and cyclical loading

Our staffing specialists also make sure candidates are highly experienced with using welding equipment such as cutting torches and carbon air torches. Each structural welder is responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of the welding tools and equipment used at your site. CLC’s structural welders are physically fit and meet all standard physical requirements including climbing, bending, squatting, stooping, twisting and frequently lifting heavy objects

Quality Is The Key

CLC’s skilled laborers stand among the most respected experts in the construction industry. If your next construction project calls for structural welders, stop worrying about where you’re going to find them. Structural welders from CLC are dedicated to service excellence, safety, and reliability. No other temporary construction staffing agency takes away the burdens of hiring skilled labor like CLC. We offer low-cost solutions for all of your skilled labor needs, handling all payroll, insurance, worker’s comp and even benefits. Contact one of our staffing specialists today to get started.

Structural welders apply here! Complete CLCs construction jobs contract form today and you’ll be on your way to reliable work with benefits, competitive pay and training opportunities to help you advance in your career.

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