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A labor staffing agency can provide skilled workers in the wake of unexpected business expansion

Commercial Construction Staffing Services

What happens when a construction company sees unexpected business expansion? Without the skilled labor to staff new project, contractors risk having to turn away work because of tight deadlines or need for additional laborers.

With the construction industry continuing to grow, companies are searching for candidates with the skills they need to complete new jobs they have on their plate. Finding the skilled labor to fit these positions can prove to be a challenge. Learn how Construction Labor Contractors helped a mechanical contractor embrace business growth with a temporary skilled labor staffing solution.

The Client
A major mechanical contractor in Omaha, Nebraska specializing in industrial and commercial millwright work.

The Problem
Most of the contractor’s work is project based, and they are continuously dealing with peaks in their labor needs. The recent rise in construction labor lead to the largest business expansion they’ve seen to date. The contractor didn’t have enough skilled labor to successfully complete new jobs, but wasn’t ready to hire a full-time workforce.

The Solution
Because the contractor needed skilled labor staffing in the highly specialized field of skilled millwrights, Construction Labor Contractors created a temporary labor staffing plan to meet their specific needs.

The Results
CLC’s millwrights are trained to work with a wide range of precision instruments, and were experienced in working with the steel and materials needed for this mechanical contractor’s jobs. Because of this, the contractor was able to continue his business expansion and complete projects on time and on budget.

If you’re ready to take part in the growing construction industry we can support your business expansion.

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