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CLC Has Professional Tank Welders For Your Complex Construction Projects

Tank weldersOver a decade of experience in the construction staffing industry makes Construction Labor Contractors the number one source contractors turn to for qualified skilled labor. We can find you the right tank welders for your complex construction project within our vast database of thousands of experienced, screened candidates nationwide. Our prompt response puts you closer to reaching your construction goals faster and easier.

Put Your Trust In CLC

The complex and challenging skill of welding tanks and vessels requires accuracy and precision. You can put your trust in CLC’s experienced tank welders to perform high quality work and achieve the required sealing of the tanks and vessels at your construction site. Our tank welders are dedicated, detailed-oriented, and remain focused at all times. Each CLC skilled tank welder is certified and experienced with OSHA and other regulatory requirements. They are familiar with the latest welding tools and methods and experienced with using various welding machines.

You can rely on CLC’s tank welders to possess the following key essential traits:

  • Interpreting drawings and blueprints
  • Excellent mathematical and problem solving skills
  • Knowledge of different welding design techniques and equipment
  • Flexibility and reliability
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Team-player to compliment rest of your construction team

In addition to the above essential traits, our tank welders have what it takes physically to perform the duties of the job. They are experienced with working long hours, and used to performing their job in high places, in extremely cold or hot temperatures.

We Do All of the Work For You

The caliber of talent that CLC acquires is unsurpassed in the construction staffing industry. The skilled labor professionals in our database represent the best of the best. We tediously sort through applications and select the finest candidates. After conducting thorough one-on-one interviews with each candidate, we perform appropriate screenings and background checks. Finally, we make sure that certifications and training is up-to-date, and that each skilled craftsman represents our dedication of service excellence.

CLC always goes the extra mile to find the right person for your skilled labor request. And once we place a skilled worker, or a team of professionals to your construction project, we follow-up with you to make sure everything is working out as planned. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee assures you that we are committed to providing you with the absolute best skilled craftsmen you will ever need. It’s no wonder that CLC is the number one choice construction contractors to turn to when they need professional tank welders.

Tank Welders Apply Here: Are you an experienced Tank Welder looking for safe, reliable work? CLC has sixteen locations nationwide with many opportunities available in your field. For more information, fill out our construction jobs contact form now.

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