Technology In Construction Articles

Does Robotics Have a Place in Construction?

When you think of robots, you might think about your favorite movie. Or a technology that is far off into the future. However, robotics in the workplace is here and continues to evolve.

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The Latest Tech Innovations in Construction

Every day, it seems there is a new “LifeHacks” article posted online. LifeHacks give us ways to make our everyday lives easier. While some of these reference the workplace, there are technologies more relevant to make your construction project run smoothly.

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Questions to Ask Yourself about Modern Construction Software

The construction industry is evolving. That’s not a secret. But with material demands and labor shortages, there are a lot of financial decisions to make.

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3D Laser Scanning – The Future of Construction

Construction is a hands-on industry. Faster than ever before, emerging technology is changing the way we do business. One such technology is quickly becoming the future of construction – 3D laser scanning.

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Everything from keeping track of paperwork to building simulated houses can be done in these cool apps for construction managers.

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More construction companies are finding efficiencies in using mobile apps during projects.

When you’re in the construction businesses, optimizing your operations is an ongoing challenge. Contractors that are looking to keep things running while saving money and still offering the best quality are relying more and more on mobile apps. Construction Labor Contractors details the ways you can plan to see efficiencies by utilizing mobile construction apps in your next project. Continue reading

What Big Data Means For The Future Of Construction

Plan a new construction project with big dataFrom planning to construction, what data means for the construction industry.

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Why You Should Be Using Social Media For Your Construction Company

Your construction company should be using social mediaSocial media is a cost effective way to get the word out about your company.

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Technology Is Helping Construction Companies Protect Their Budget

Prefabrication and co-construction are changing

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