Top Technology Trends in Construction

Advanced technology is providing a new work environment for construction workers

Construction Project StartedTechnology is used extensively in construction management and labor staffing in 2014. The construction industry is evolving, and with it comes some new technology trends. The latest focus remains on worker safety and technological automation or heavy equipment. Construction Labor Contractors has a view of some of the top technology trends in construction today.

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Increased safety
Carbon Monoxide detecting hats – Combustion engines produce carbon monoxide, a highly poisonous gas that killed nearly 100 workers in the United States from 1990-1999. These new carbon monoxide detecting hats use noninvasive blood oxygen monitors to alert workers of dangerous levels when they work in areas prone to high emissions.

CO2 Bricks – Though CO2 is a naturally occurring gas, it can be harmful or even fatal in large quantities. Now, new technology can turn carbon emissions into bricks and pavers for construction. This is a naturally occurring process, some companies are learning how to speed up that process.

Increased efficiency
Bulldozers that have an auto pilot – The retiring of many experienced workers is leaving a shortage of skilled large equipment handlers. Construction equipment manufactures are looking to find ways around this gap by automating equipment. By incorporating a GPS, electronic controls and an autopilot new operators are learning the controls quickly, keeping projects on task.

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