Temporary Labor For Construction Shutdown Work

For high-intensity shutdown work, temporary skilled labor is the solution

temporary labor staffingConstruction Labor Contractors (CLC) has been helping industrial project managers, construction contractors, and other construction companies with labor staffing solutions since 1997. We understand that a skilled, reliable workforce is one of the most important resources for construction shutdown work.

Shutdown projects usually involve working quickly and under pressure, so they require expertly matched laborers. We offer industrial contractors and manufacturing companies the qualified temporary skilled labor they need to complete construction shutdown work safely and on time. Learn more about how Construction Labor Contractors came up with a labor staffing strategy for this Texas company.

An independent manufacturing company in San Antonio, Texas in need of boilermakers and welders for a construction shutdown project.

The Problem
The company had a large shutdown project involving work in a refinery setting. They needed highly skilled laborers who could complete the project with precise standards of accuracy, and had the necessary training and ability to use a variety of tools and equipment.

The Solution
Because of the extensive pressure of this shutdown project, the company needed thoroughly vetted workers. They contacted Construction Labor Contractors for a temporary workforce of skilled labor that could complete the shutdown project with minimal disruption.

The Results
CLC was able to provide flexible and efficient shutdown project resources, providing the company with previous vetted skilled laborers customized to the specific needs of the company’s project and worksite. As a one of the most trusted names in construction staffing, Construction Labor Contractors specializes in helping construction companies quickly ramp up their workforce so shutdown projects like this one can be completed on time and on budget. As a result, the manufacturing company was able to complete the shutdown project on schedule and with no disruption.

Are you ready to tackle a shutdown project with highly skilled temporary labor?

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