Temporary Skilled Labor Satisfies High Volume Staffing Needs

Growth in construction means a need for labor staffing


skilled labor staffingThe construction industry continues to grow, and this means a growing demand for a skilled labor in the construction workforce. More than ever construction companies are searching for candidates with the skills they need to supplement their full-time staff. As an experienced labor staffing firm, Construction Labor handles high volume staffing needs by provided highly-qualified skilled labor when a company’s workforce needs a quick influx of labor.  Learn more about how CLC increased this construction companies labor in Virginia.

The Client
A general contractor for commercial and industrial construction in Richmond, Virginia.

The Problem
The economic downturn in the construction industry resulted in this construction company losing almost on-third of their laborers. Many chose to retire early and some were laid off due to a decrease in profitable work. However, the recent rise in construction had this company busy with commercial building construction, new building additions and renovations. They needed a large amount of skilled labor to continue with their projects, and didn’t have time to wait.

The Solution
Construction Labor Contractors was able to help this construction company get back on their feet quickly, by providing them with meticulous, highly-trained, rigorously screened industrial labor professionals. With a streamlined recruiting process, they were able to find enough skilled labor to fill the large amount of open positions needed – even in highly specialized fields.

The Results
In the last 12 months this client has continued to come back to CLC for additional skilled laborers. Their business continues to grow, and they don’t have to worry about turning down projects because of labor staffing issues. Construction Labor Contractors now serves as the companies primary temporary skilled labor provider.

You can count on CLC to provide many different skilled laborers to meet the demands of industrial construction in factories, warehouses, and power plants. We’re ready to accommodate your industrial construction staffing needs with skilled workers standing by, ready to work for you the moment you call.

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