The Best Ways To Prevent Falling Object Injuries

how construction workers prevent falling object injuriesAvoid unnecessary onsite accidents with proper safety procedures

Falling or flying objects on a construction worksite can expose workers to minor injuries such as cuts and abrasions, to serious injuries such as concussions or blindness. When workers are using power tools or performing tasks at high altitudes flying objects become a concern.

Each year thousands of workers are injured by a hazard they cannot see, falling objects. Construction Labor Contractors examines some of the ways you can prevent falling object injuries and keep your employees safe while on the worksite.

Provide Warning

Have a universally agreed upon way for workers to provide adequate warning for those working around them. You can do this by verbally communicating the falling hazards or a sign that communicates the risk of falling objects. Ensure the safety of your guests on your jobsite by having an employee in charge of escorting them around, keeping them from areas with falling object hazards.

Secure loads

When employees are transporting loads to higher levels on your jobsite they need to make sure it is properly secure. Lighter loads can be secured with plastic wrap and heavier loads employees should use metal or cloth straps.

Properly move load

It’s important to remember never to lift, lower or swing a load over anyone’s head. In areas where loads are being placed on high shelf’s with the potential to tumble over the other side ensure you have a spotter in place that keeps employees from entering the backside hazard and that can help instruct the employee placing the load.

Keep a clean worksite

Having tools and debris lying around on your jobsite creates one of the main causes for failing objects. To prevent this your laborers need to ensure their work areas is clean and tidy. When finished using a tool they need to put it in the proper storage area, if they have made a mess or created debris they need to clean it up immediately.

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