Tips for Creating Memorable Construction Projects

Construction projects are your life’s work. From beginning to end, you have a stake in every part of the job. While you may take a few snapshots of a job well done for your portfolio, do you make it memorable? For your craftsmen, clients and even the end user, how is each project making a lasting impression? There are some steps to take before, during and after each venture to accomplish this.

Here are some bona fide tips to make your project stand out.

Find Your Inspiration

Great artists find gorgeous landscapes to paint. Singers take real-life experiences and project the pain, love and happiness they feel forward in song. How do you feel inspired? When starting a project, do your research. Look for inspiration in innovative designs and search through different time periods to see which style you like. Piece together your construction plan based on this research.

When you begin each project, you’re starting with a fresh slate. You have the chance to be creative. Don’t forget to try new things.

Listen to Your Client

After you compile your own thoughts, it’s time to sit down with your client. You want them to be happy and feel like they are an equal part of the project conversation. It’s important that your client feels their input is of value, and not overshadowed by your vision. And then move forward with a plan that works for both of you.

Nothing wastes more time and money than project disagreements half way through production. Make sure you are living up to your client’s expectation.

Keep People Posted

When overseeing the project, you are juggling many aspects of the job. However, personal touch-points can go a long way. Whether a craftsman is a seasoned veteran of the trade or a newbie, communicating with your skilled labor force makes them feel like an important part of the team.

Keep your workers up-to-date on where other parts of the project stand. Open communication is especially important if one area affects when a team can start on a part of their job. If something in HVAC gets held up, your professional painters may get delayed as well.

But your team members are not the only people that want to know what’s going on. Other interested parties, such as stakeholders, local business owners and the community, want to know what’s going on too. You can create posts through different social media sites, your website or even through a local newspaper or bulletin.

Stick to Your Schedule

One of the biggest ways to keep your client happy is to stay on track. You want your clients to remember this project fondly, not as an overdue nightmare. Set realistic timeline expectations at the beginning and adhere to them.

This may seem like the simplest of all the tips, but it can be the hardest to stick to. A small problem can snowball and derail a project. If small adjustments are made in the project schedule, make your client aware to avoid unwelcome surprises later.


The project is finished. Now what? It’s time to celebrate. Show off all the hard work your crew did by having a ribbon cutting or some kind of unveiling event. This will get the community involved and also give thanks to your team and partners.

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